leguli smile

Encrypted video calls with customers and colleagues

smile! Home office, illness, long distances – there are many reasons for a virtual meeting. leguli smile is our secure video call service and offers full privacy in contrast to standard software. End-to-end encrypted and P2P with smile!

leguli smile

  • Video call as usual: access via link, share screen, smile
  • Integrated into your office with other video players
  • Access documents and tasks during the smile call and keep an eye on the participants
  • No extra software – Easy access from browsers

LINK, PIN, smile

  • The following applies to your clients / customers:
    • Fixed smile URL → no link clutter
    • Access via PIN → avoids unwanted people
  • And for you?
    • Fast access from the office
    • Running smiles at a glance at all times

And secure too!

  • Video, sound and data between participants are encrypted thanks to the latest technology
  • Direct connections between the participants (peer-to-peer) without contact to the leguli server
  • End-to-end encryption of the data so that no access by leguli or third parties is possible
  • Best of all, you won’t notice any of this. Security simply included

leguli smile is currently only available to selected customers and will be available to everyone over the next few months

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