Document storage

Secure revision-proof, end-to-end encrypted documents

Do you need quick and easy access to your documents? Don’t want to set up backups? No problem! Save documents in leguli in an audit-proof manner and access them from anywhere. Backup included!

Secure data storage

  • Organize documents on customers / clients
  • Simply exchange documents via document link in the team
  • Full traceability thanks to document history
    • Who? When? What?
    • Logs upload, change, downloads, etc.
  • We take care of backups and ensure availability


  • Stored in an audit-proof manner in accordance with legal requirements
  • Traceability is also guaranteed for external document uploads
  • That means among other things
    • Time of upload including fingerprint of the document verified usingSwiss Trust Chain (Swisscom).
    • Regular backups of the (encrypted) data from various providers

Stay in control

  • Encrypted directly in the browser (end-to-end encryption)
  • Neither leguli nor third parties can access the content
  • Metadata such as file names are also encrypted
  • Secure communication needs encryption ON your device

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