Secure digitalization

leguli enables working and communicating together in an efficient and digital manner,

easy document exchange and archiving –

without having to worry about data protection or data backups.

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Document exchange

Easy and secure

  • No email attachments
  • No wrongly assigned documents
  • One defined way for everything – That’s how digitalization works
  • No loss of control, thanks to encryption in your browser
  • Receive documents from your customers easily
    Create and share the link – properly assigned with ease
  • Regular document exchange via individual workspace


Optimize processes in an agile manner

  • Organize cases and tasks without distraction
  • Reminders for deadlines and due dates
  • Supports agile processes with Kanban board
  • Keep the overview in the team
  • No single point of knowledge
  • Compensate for staff shortages through transparency
  • All data already encrypted in your browser

smile! Video Calls *

LINK, PIN, smile, encrypted!

  • Video calls can be that easy
  • Integrated into your leguli office for fast access
  • Separeted rooms for each customer secured with a PIN
  • Supports processes such as reception by the secretary
  • It is not possible to spy or evaluate smiles
  • Encrypted in your browser

* Ready to use for early adopters

Document storage

Audit-proof and backups included

  • Easy access to documents per customer
  • Do not worry about backups
    → Automated backups included
  • No loss of control – Your data, your choice
  • Audit-proof thanks to Swisscom – Swiss Trust Chain

Privacy by design

Privacy is matter for the boss

  • .Data minimization: We question every storing of data and look for ways to avoid it
  • Privacy: We look for ways to offer functionality in a way that protects your privacy and that of your customers
  • Transparency: Notices on actions, if these require the disclosure of data
  • All data is already encrypted in your browser and cannot be viewed by us unless it is required to provide services.
    This includes: customers, tasks, documents and much more

Our Vision

The highest level of security when working with data is our claim and the foundation of leguli.
We want to be the best: “Privacy first!”.

Encrypted in your browser

Fully end-to-end encryption of all your data. leguli encrypted directly on your devices, which means that only you have access to the data.

100 % Swiss

All data and servers are hosted in switzerland and they are backuped multiple times. You don’t have to create backups or monitor servers and therefore have no extra work.

Simple and intuitive!

leguli is a cloud-based software (SaaS), so that you just need a up-to-date default browser to use it.

Privacy by design

Every decision is based on the protection of privacy and the minimization of data. Anything that doesn’t need to be saved won’t be saved.


Our actions are based on ethical and social values. Sustainability influences our decisions.
Ecovadis bronze rating


Audit-proof document storage

Documents are stored audit-proof, thanks to the Swiss Trust Chain and redundant backups. Scheduled backups prevent data loss.

What our customers say

Level up!

"A cool tool that takes our communication with our clients to a new level . "

Markus Feusi
Feusi Treuhand GmbH

Simple and intuitive

"The system is easy and intuitive to use. This makes the work processes in the team transparent with a good feeling for data security."

Oliver Kerner
OK Training Academy

No more emails

With leguli we managed to switch away from e-mails. We now receive documents securely from our customers via leguli upload link.

"It's amazing how quickly this was implemented!"

Thomas M

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